Our Girls

We are so happy to be continuing Stella's wonderful line of Australian Multi-Generational Labradoodles.

Hidden Beach's Heart Belongs to Maya
Name: Hidden Beach's Heart Belongs to Maya
Call name: Heart
ALAA#: 037234
Sire: Hale's Carbon Copy
Dam: Noble Vestal Stellar Fox
Color: Apricot cream with white markings
Size:  medium

Heart is the dog you want to be around all the time. She is sweet, loving and adorable. Sporting a beautiful apricot fleece coat with stunning white markings set her apart in a crowd.  Gorgeous eyes and a perfect saber tail help round out this pup's good looks. She is a show stopper.

Heart lives in a wonderful Guardian home with small children, dogs and cats, where she has thrived. She has cleared all of her health testing and has enabled us to maintain the highest standing of Golden Paw rating with the Australian Labradoodle Association of America.

Hidden Beach's Tallulah
Name: Hidden Beach's Tallulah
Call name: Lulah
DOB:  6/28/2015
Sire: Coulee's Lil Redford
Dam: Noble Vestal Stellar Fox
Color: Red
Size:   Large miniature / Small Medium

Tallulah is a Multi-Generational Australian Labradoodle. She is the daughter of our foundation dog Noble Vestal Stellar Fox (Stella) and Coulee's Lil Redford. She is our happy go lucky girl. She is  loving, with a sweet temperament, a fantastic conformation and the perfect luscious fiery red silky fleece coat. Put this all together and you have the perfect package. We absolutely love this girl.

Tallulah has passed every test required to be a gold star breeder.

 Up and Coming...

Hidden Beach's Isabella

Name:  Hidden Beach's Isabella
Call name: Bella
  ALAA#: 044218
  Sire: Alpenridge's Cauz n Effect
  Dam: Hidden Beach's Heart Belongs to Maya


Noble Vestal Stellar Fox
Stella is my dog. This Labradoodle won my heart the day she joined our family. She is sweet and loving, and so smart. She has a gorgeous silky red fleece coat and she turns heads wherever we go.  Not only is she stunning, but she has surpassed every expectation I could have imagined. She is proficient at agility. She is off-leash trained and responds to hand signals as well as voice commands.

Stella has passed the highest training level possible, making her an Iron Dog. You look at this happy, sweet, loving, fluffy dog and Iron Dog does not come to mind. But this is only a testament to the intelligence behind the pretty face. What better dog could you ask for? She is fun, loving, loves to play and so smart.

Name:   Noble Vestal Stellar Fox
Call name: Stella
ALA#:   ALAA-029731 

Sire:      aAprinas Elusive Legend
Dam:     Noble Vestal Rumor Has It                          
Color:    Red
Coat:     Fleece
Size:      Large miniature / Small Medium
Health Clearances:
Hips OFA good
Elbows normal
OFA Heart certified
Eyes Cerfed
PRA prcd clear by parentage
  Complete thyroid panel
DNA coat color Bbee
carries the chocolate gene

Stella is indeed our Stellar Fox. She exceeds my expectations every day. She is beautiful, loving, smart, funny and just all around wonderful. She has the most stunning, gorgeous, silky red fleece coat that turns heads wherever we go. She is definitely an eye catcher.

She loves runs on the beach, 
playing with her friends, 
snuggling on the bed, 
car rides, 
and all of her toys.